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In 1994, Sri Manda Krishna Madiga launched Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi, a social movement demanding the proportional representation of Madigas in the legislature, educational institutions and employment. Sri M.K Madiga conducted meetings, toured the State, and nominated the committees to each taluka; men and woman, illiterates and literates, the youth and senior citizens followed him.
Today the leader of the Dandora, Manda Krishna Madiga is a Mahatma to the Madigas. At his call Lakhs of people attend his meetings on their own. He creates enthusiasm in the Madigas. He continuously travels and talks on the existential conditions of the Madigas. He interacts with the media politely, accurately and aptly. In the whole of the world, Manda Krishna Madiga is the only leader, who travelled thousands of kilometres. He is the forerunner of the on ward march of the Madigas to attain self-actualisation. He inspires people, attracts the youth, and satisfies the rational. He speaks logically and acts dialectically. Sri Manda Krishna Madiga give a history to the Madigas and the Madigas are forwarding by creating their own history.
Manda Krishna Madiga proclaims that unity remains on strengthening each part of the whole- the Madigas along with the Malas; unity remains on the equal-distribution of opportunities and assets. The unity of the different people and castes could be achieved only through harmonies unity of the opposite grounds by allotting, what they deserve and need. A harmonious unity will not take place among the unequally.
Krishna Madiga argue that of the 59 castes under Scheduled Castes in Andhra Pradesh, Madigas comprise 60 per cent of the SC population but hardly enjoy 2-3 per cent of the reservation. On the other hand, Malas who constitute 33 per cent, walk away with 80-90 per cent of the benefit. "Out of the 15 per cent reservation, one caste is taking 13 per cent, the rest of the 58 castes are getting two per cent, how is it right? You must give according to population," said Krishna Madiga, President, Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti.
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